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Chris D'Amico, which was planned to be a minor role until director Matthew Vaughn saw Mintz-Plasse audition and his capabilities.

Mintz-Plasse originally auditioned for the role of Kick-Ass, but when the producers believed that his acting was too loud and obnoxious they immediately gave him the role of Red Mist instead.

It's incredible."Mintz-Plasse also admitted that he is now trying to take roles that are less bombastic than Mc Lovin. And if there was a sequel, which there is now, that the role would be insane.

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Three buddies wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the previous night and the bachelor missing.

, the actor admitted that playing such an iconic character has its downsides."I'm forever grateful for that role, because that's why I'm working today.

The film received favorable reviews, with critics praising the dialogue and the chemistry between the two leads.

Then 18, he shot to fame and like his co-stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, he's been pretty busy ever since.

Now 27, he's been sporting a more mature look of late and he stepped out in all his bearded glory at the world premiere of Trolls on Sunday night.

Best friends since childhood, the two are about to go off to different colleges, as Seth did not get accepted into Dartmouth like Evan.

After Seth is paired with Jules (Emma Stone) during Home-Ec class, she invites him to a party at her house later that night.


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