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Already there was found to bo nvall-abl- o ey on ovory plac for portraiture thecolossal bron70 li) mouoy in your bust of William Ctillcu Ilryant modeled pocket, it wo cau by Latint Thompson about fifteen y years ago. Last winter's prices spelled with on r tho oysters nro were higher, In splto of tho mild healthful food. This bcmi-cycl- o will bo built of tbo mohtcndurlngmar-ble- , the wall being eighteen Inches thick, with a pediment sheltering tho bust A pedestal eight feet high will support the bu M, and the pediment Itself will bo sustained by two Ionlo columns. building otbm nw worx can be no outitl'in about MEMORIAL TO HRi'ANT. Part of thofor uso by A SURE und CERTAIN CURE are dolnr you, rrad.r, ea do tb. now bolng erected will bo fit II l"e ten faying builo. After tho naming of tho rectangular stations Charing Cross, Cannon street ..--- . Ouo of our leading wholesalo dealers Jta Saf whiter than pollshod ivory. It Is now In tho Metrodo this we aro entitled to politan museum of art, and is placed in coufidonco a group of portrait memorials from your tho sculptor's studio embracing works und patronage. In May, June, July weather, than I ever know them to be, nnd August they aro undisturbed In their watery beds; but from tbu first day of September to tho last day of April tho oyster constitutes both a staplo and a delicacy In this vicinity for tho tables of tbo rich nnd tho poor. infatuated with bicycling, and baa offered a medal to bo competed for by We aro adding new goods to all department every day. Tinware, lint, Shirt, Underwear, Ladies' and Gent's Fur Hardware, nishing Good, Notions, Stationer)' ami all Departments will bo com-plct- o The young emperor of China has as keen a relish for tho pleasures of tbo and wo aro ofljilug somo Wonderful Uargalns in all depart-i- n tablo as any epicure In his dominions. The apex of tho pediment will be twenty feet from tho ground. aim shaped Into brotelles, yoko, bodice muslo halls flourlslu .k.m ..! tbat you Ib U known forl Dyanra aotho REST Yob will next tprlng. Vl Wltf Vt 9MJ wooded nnd awarded space In the rear ami London bridge aa many us tw.000 ge Hv-i Tirrsi.:" l"Ji K v i signal and point lovers movements U. HI.l WKf Vn kuu(t,M,l.( "y Sfjp of tbo reservoir at Fortieth and Forty-secon- d liavo to bo for made ovory twenty-fou- r streets and Sixth avenue us X1L,kiau.4r.klutai 4Uik.ilu; thotolegruphlo L. Ilurarms They havo sharp liquor searchers In Androscoggin county, Maine, and tho wits of rum smuggler aro sburponed by contact with them. There is a natural order in which to present events, an order alike best for the author and for the student. Abreu (Antonio Joseph Alvarez de), Victima Real Legal. One moment more and he would have been dashed to death, but by putting forth his whole strength, nerved by desperation, he succeeded in freeing him- self from their grasp. Cortds goes with 200 men to reduce it, and is hotly received ; yet the Indians, rely- ing upon the execution to be made by some loose beams which are to be rolled down upon the assailants at a favorable moment, allow the Spaniards to rush forward and gain the tower, putting almost every occupant to the sword. Long before this the Spaniards had learned that the power which had arisen in IV^ontezuma's stead was of a different quahtj from that lately wielded by the poor caged monarch, whose proud spirit they had so blighted and brought low. 451 sider the situation, it was admitted that delay would only reduce their strength without corresponding gain, and with the prospect of closing more effectually the gate against them.^ It was a great disappointment to Cortes thus to abandon his hard-earned advantaofe. * Bernal Diaz names several of the thirteen soldiers. One of the men, Monjaraz, was said to have murdered his wife. Then they must maintain friendly relations with their allies, whose aid is essential to the achievement of their plans. The reasons for such a plan are these : First, the territorial peculiarities of the subject seem to demand it. Abreu (Francisco), Verdad Manifiesta que declara ser la jurisdiccion ordinaria. Ere he had time to con- sider »the situation they had seized him in their arms and were struggling to gain the edge. ' Mii- rieron todos quinientos Indios, como valientes.' Gomara, Hist. ' En trecientos caualleros que alii estauan no quedaron seys viuos.' Herrera, loc. This author describes on a later occasion the capture of a tower attached to Montezuma's own palace, from which missiles fell with telling effect. A Living Death — The Old Imperial Party and the New Power — Aztec Defiance — Perilous Position of the Spaniards — Disappoint ment to Cortes — Another Sally— The Dying Monarch — He has NO Desire to Live — His Rejection of a New Faith — He will None of the Heaven of the Spaniards — Commends his Children to Cortes — The Character of Montezuma and of his Eeign. 563 Drill receives attention, and equally necessary is the maintenance of order, for they are few, remote from succor, and surrounded by a powerful, warlike, and astute foe.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.

BANCROFT, In the Office of the Librarian of Congrees, at Washington, All Rights Reserved, PREFACE. It has been deemed advisable, for several reasons, to deviate from strict numerical order in the publication of the several volumes of this History, and pursue a more chronological course. Every now and then the sol- THE LAST DEFENDER SLATNT.Were the History of the Pacific States, in its several parts, issued strictly as one work, the volumes would be numbered in about the order of their proposed publication ; but in that case they would not be so numbered that when completed the volumes of Central America, or of Mexico, or of Calif oraia, etc., would stand together each as a complete history and separate set. The Destroyers Advance — ^Fierce Fighting in the Plaza — Dismar Situation of the Mexicans — The Work of Demolition — Movements of Alva- rado — The Emperor Refuses to Parley — Misery of the Aztecs Un- bearable—Horrible Massacre of Women and Children — The Tender- hearted Cortes Mourns over his own Work — Capture of the Em- peror — The Conquest Completed — Banquets and Thanksgivings — Dispersion of the Allies to their Homes — Reflections 669 UNIVERSITy) AUTHOEITIES QUOTED IN THE HISTORY OF MEXICO [II is my custom to prefix to each work of the series the name of every authority cited in Us pages. So immense is my material for the Histoey of Mexico that a fu U list of the authorities would fill a third of a volume, obviously more space than can properly he allowed even for so important a feature. Thus melted away that fated band of Aztec warriors. Some consolation for this sacrilegious intrusion was offered to the victors in despoiling it of the rich ornaments, while the cacao and other provisions stored here by the garrison proved a prize to the half-famished Spaniards. It was held by 3000 or 4000 Indians, 'all chiefs,' and cost the Spaniards 46 lives, every man being beside wounded. But when he threatened that if they did not lay down their arms not a man of them should remain alive, nor one stone be left on another throughout all their city, they laughed at him, the priests abetting. Their efforts to make terms with the Spaniards might have gained public approval, but the ambition of Cuitlahuatzin stood in the way of any compromise. The engines were strengthened, and every prepa- ration ^yas made to meet the rapidly accumulating difficulties. ,118, 124, names a number of those who aided in building. In a lengthy preamble are set forth some reasons for its publication and the necessity for good conduct, as recognized not only in human but in divine affairs, and practised since time immemorial for the regula- tion of wars. The three succeeding 'volumes will bring the histories of Mexico and Central America, side by side, down to about 18Q0» These will be followed by several volumes on regions toward the north, for approximately the same period ; for example, the earlier volumes on the North Mexican States, Cali- fornia, the Northwest Coast, and Oregon. Aware of the inferiority of their weapons, the natives sought rather to seize hold of the Spaniards, singly or in groups, and with the recklessness of doomed men to hurl themselves wdth their victims from the dizzy height. i\l 2'^ ^3 PRESERVATION ^^ COPY ADDED ORIGINAL TO BE RETAINED JUN 1 1992 Entered according to Act of Congress In the Year 1882, by HUBERT H. In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. Thus, instead of continuing the annals of Central America, as presented in the second volume of the series, the fourtli volume of the series is next issued, jvhich ^s the first volume of the history of Mexico. 447 diers charged in solid phalanx into the centre of the opposite mass, only to be obliged to retire under the pressure of its weight, and to receive the counter- charge, encouraged by wildly gesticulating priests, who flitted to and fro in bloody robes and dishevelled hair.3^^^^ THE WORKS OP HUBERT HOWE BANCEOFT./^ / ./ .-rr VOLUME IX. Again, this method gives to the people of the several sections, parts of their own history at much earlier dates than would be possible otherwise. As their number diminished, many a one sought the higher martyrdom by leaping from the sacred spot into paradise. ^^ In the adjoining chapel the war-god was found reinstalled in all its glittering hideousness. According to Bernal Diaz the sally with the engines was directed against the temple, which he appears to place at some distance. Cortes had thought that the late spoliation of idols would fill the people with awe toward beings so superior to their gods. ''The truth of this was too evident," observes Cortes, "for hunger alone would have soon killed us." The imperial party, which had sunk to insignificance since the elevation of Cuitlahuatzin to the leadership, and was now sustained only by a few relatives ^ of Montezuma, had no longer a voice in the direction of affairs. But this he would yet achieve, God willing, or perish in the attempt. Good treatment on every hand is necessary to win neutral and hostile provinces. With this view Cortes, as captain-general and justicia mayor for his majesty, prepares a series of regulations which are proclaimed on the 26th of December 1520.


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