Baby dating scan be wrong

It doesn't make sense to me as I couldn't have conceived on the dates the sonographer is saying!! They can usually be born 2 weeks either side of the date they give u but that is a big gap.

Now I have to wait another 10weeks for my 20week scan. I know I shouldn't worry but I just want to know how far gone I am! Try putting the first day of your last period into the pregnancy calendar on Babycentre site.

Its located on left hand side of menu when ur on your home page.

Hi I went for my first scan yesterday thinking I was 16weeks pregnant, only to be told that I was 10 and a half weeks!! I have had morning sickness for 8 weeks already, only found out I was pregnant 9weeks ago!But my baby will come when its ready and i cant waittttt : D Good luck to all you mummy to be's xx was born by c section due to preeclamsia 1711/07 a month early and to the docs amazement was 8lb 6oz and didn't need to go into the neonatal ward. I find the thing that actually makes me sick is going from indoors to outside - its soo wierd!?I've been thinking about it and they told me I was 10 weeks on Oct 9, but that would mean my last period should have started on Aug 6, right? I know it started somewhere between July 20 and July 23, and ended before July 28.x the same happened to me i fort id be due first week in march according to my period dates and tht but scan sed im not due til march 20th.., really confusen they can change it at u nxt scan my cousin had her date's changed at her 20 week scan ow u n bump?xx Well i went for my 1st scan i was 11 2, they put down from my last period 11 3 they then put me ahead saying i was 12 2.And have symptoms only 5 days after ovulating isquite quick but everyone is different.


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