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According to the latter site, Snapchat is not a young program.It has been around for at least five years now, having a launch date of 2011.

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In other words, the bond of trust between mother and daughter had made the girls feel they could turn to her when one of them was in trouble.

If you are a parent with a child using a good mobile phone and you have never heard of the mobile app called Snapchat, then it is a fine time to get acquainted with it.

The statistics associated with this messaging application will astound you, and it will make you realize just how many people are using this covert type of communication.

She’s been a vigorous campaigner for the automatic blocking of online porn (a campaign I wholeheartedly endorse).

As the child psychologist Steve Biddulph — whose powerful new book about girls has just been serialised in the Mail — and the socialist MP Diane Abbott pointed out this week, online porn is perverting our children’s view of sex.


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